Coloring Pages

9 x 12 inch fine paper prints of select Lizi drawings for you to color in when you're bored in the house and you're in the house bored.


Join the squad in something cozy.

You Can Sit With Us

The series of prints showcases 9 different black females with distinct hair styles, juicy lips, and unique skin tones. The idea is to give women a selection of black girls in art to choose from, rather than having to pick that one ‘black girl’ option. I hope every black girl can look at this series and see herself, her friends, and her family represented in multiple ways.

Custom Hand-Painted Jackets

New jackets are exclusively released here as they are created. Check our Instagram for updates and behind the scenes. 

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Take A Trip

Pack your bags and join us in LA, NYC or London with our new collection. Each jacket is hand-painted and made to order.

Another city tickling your fancy? Gotchu - select Custom City.