About Us

Lizi Phoenix makes hand-painted jackets, jeans and other items. Each piece is completely unique and custom made; Lizi works one-on-one with each client to design pieces specifically for them. The process begins with taking the time to understand the feelings of the client, and initial sketches begin during this interaction. Then the mapping out of the design and drawing onto the denim occurs. Finally, the piece is completed by painting multiple layers and colors of the highest quality fabric paint available to achieve the perfect image. On average, these hand-made pieces take 30-40 hours to complete.

Lizi has been painting and drawing since the day she could hold a brush and today has an A-list clientele. Her artwork has always held the central focus of promoting individuality with a consistent attention to bold color, line and storytelling. Lizi grew up enjoying the process of creating art that is carefully personalized for the receiving individual. Her ultimate goal has always been to use her work to make others feel loved. Lizi studied Studio Art and Entrepreneurship in Boston, MA where in 2016 she started Lizi Phoenix as a way to combine her passions for happiness, creating, and empowering herself. 

Today Lizi lives and works in Los Angeles, California.